Our rider Chris Visscher took hold of his brand new prototype PYGA EVOKE Freeride frame earlier this month and built up a freeride alpine shredder, want to see what he’s been up to on it? Check out his social here:

The EVOKE is our high pivot prototype Super-Enduro prototype that’s been in development for the last year. With 180mm rear travel it’s sure to take anything you throw at it. As one of our Test pilots, Chris Vischer based in Switzerland, has opted for a Chromag cockpit, saddle and rim combo. With a Industry Nine Hydra hub system to make sure you can hear him coming! Chris has 200mm of travel up front and is opted for a singlespeed setup. This frame is a prototype and currently in development. 
Young South African Junior rider Ross Kew took his 180mm travel  Proto to an incredible 18th place in the 2022 Val di Sole DH worldcup in his first year Junior and first ever World cup race!
Featuring i-tracks patented high-pivot design this bike is promising to be more than you can imaging when it comes to a smooth, quite energy efficient platform to work from. We are working on giving it 2 ranges of rear travel, from 165-178mm travel utilising a 205mm long trunnion shock, and 185-200mm rear travel with a 225mm trunnion shock.
Fork travel range would be between 180 and 200mm
The PYGA EVOKE is not for sale yet but if you are interested in one or have anymore questions, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.